The rapid spread of Covid-19 has now also an impact on the work in the laboratories. As certain test items are missing or are only available in small quantities for examination, some parameters cannot be determined with the usual frequency and procedures are delayed.

It should also be possible to process more specific parameters in series in a meaningful and cost-effective manner within the framework of a proficiency test. Therefore, depending on the respective situation and according to the feedback of the participants, it will be checked whether the deadlines calculated at the time of sample dispatch can still be met. Should the examination reveal the necessity of extending the processing periods, we will make new tables with extended deadlines available on our homepage for the respective PTs. At the same time, the participating laboratories will be informed by e-mail.  If you are not sure whether you have the current table to submit your results, you should always download the required table from our homepage.

Please note: Since the deadline for sending in the results is fixed in all tables, you will receive an error message that the deadline has been exceeded if you use an "old" table.